Calendar of Dances

David Heffron December 9, 2022 (In Person)

Vic Ceder January 6, 2023 (In Person)

David Heffron January 14, 2023 (Zoom Dance)

Rob French January 28, 2023 (Zoom Dance)

Barry Clasper February 21, 2023 (In Person)

Single Day Dance Schedule:

12:30 PM to 5:30 PM (We must be out by 6:00 PM)

There are two sessions of 6 tips each with a 45 minute break between sessions.

  • Contact Us

    We appreciate knowing when guests are coming, so please use email to let us know your plans. Having your contact information will allow us to update you if anything changes. Out of town guests planning to attend a dance should provide contact information to one of our club contacts so they can be notified in case of any last minute change in time or dance location. Please use the same contacts for any questions or concerns.