About the C-Gulls

The C-Gulls hold square dances in the Fort Myers area of Southwest Florida. The dances are Moderate C4 level, rich in the use of calls with moderate speed and concept difficulty. Visitors (singles and couples) who are reasonably competent at a moderate C4 level are always welcome.

So, come vacation and dance with us in our sunny "winter season" paradise! The dress is casual, the weather is mild (we don't do snow!), the cost is reasonable and the dancers are very friendly. At the dances, computer squares are used for all tips.

We appreciate knowing when guests are coming, so please use email to let us know your plans. Having your contact information will allow us to update you if anything changes. Out of town guests planning to attend a dance should provide contact information to Pat Harrington so they can be notified in case of any last minute change in time or dance location. You can also contact Pat Harrington with any questions.